Fitbit on arm with multiple rose gold bracelets

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Fitness trackers are wonderful little things, aren’t they? 

Encouraging you to get up and walk, counting steps and calories burned, and the more advanced versions allowing you to sneakily read texts without looking at your phone. Some even reassure you that yes! Yes you are definitely still alive – by displaying your heart rate and flashing in time to the beat. Mine even allows you to make contactless payments with your wrist. Dangerous.

Fitbit fitness tracker on arm with multiple rose gold bracelets

I have a Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition, and before we move on I should probably mention that this post is not sponsored. I mean, I wish it was – but we can’t have everything, can we? I love my Fitbit though; it’s incredibly handy and the intelligent exercise tracking features help to motivate me in the gym, on runs and even just to move on lazy days. But there are lots of brands and models of fitness tracker on the market to choose from so there’s something for everyone.

Except there isn’t.  Not for fashionistas at least, because they’re not very chic.

I think it’s fair to say that the standard straps that come in the box with trackers are not very stylish. They’re either really dull (black or navy rubber spring to mind) or in-your-face bright silicones or multitoned woven fabrics.  A lot of the branded replacements aren’t much better either – not to mention when you’ve just spent £150 on a tracker, you don’t really want to be spending another £40 on an ok strap, just to replace an ugly strap you didn’t want in the first place. 

You see it everywhere. Perfectly dressed, stylish men and women who’ve put a lot of thought into what they are wearing; only to be defiled by the bright blue eyesore, offending on their wrist.  Sure, it marks you out to other fitness tracker enthusiasts as one of the clan, but it also takes the shine off of your look slightly.

fitness tracker accessories and jewellery

Thanks to Amazon however, this problem is easily solved. Cheaper, more stylish stainless bracelet and watch straps are now available to fit most wrist-worn fitness trackers and the Apple watch. My slightly childish, lilac fabric strap was replaced by a sleek, stainless rose gold one. I have several straps in fact, and you can have a look at my favourites here.

Still, just like a normal watch I feel like they look a little bit forlorn on their own, clinging in solitude to your arm like a needy friend, urging you to get up and move every so often while refusing to do so themselves. 

This seemed like an excellent excuse to go jewellery shopping, and I soon found a wristful of rose gold toned bracelets and bangles that I could wear every day – together or separately depending on the occasion – simultaneously softening and accentuating the tracker.

Here are my top tips on how to style your fitness tracker:

  • If you have a popular brand of tracker, you will have a lot of strap options but go for a multipack that includes silver, gold and rose gold to get the most value and styling opportunity. For a Fitbit charge 2 or 3, you can get these for around £20 and they seem to be very hard wearing. (Charge 2 & 3 take the same straps).
  • Mix the style and texture of your accompanying bracelets. Bangle, chain bracelet, charms or perhaps woven to create interest.
  • Be careful of anything that might scratch or interfere with your fitness tracker. Opt for smooth finishes with no exposed gemstones, and avoid anything with a strong magnet closure.
  • Styling a tracker doesn’t have to stop with your wrist. Think about adding earrings or a necklace to compliment; always keeping your outfit and the occasion in mind.
  • If you wear a normal watch, all of the above is still completely relevant for adding a bit more fun to your forearm!
rose gold drop star earring

My Accessories:

Tried it out? Why not send me your pics on social media or leave a comment below.


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