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So you’ve consumed all of the fashion TV shows, movies, books and podcasts, but the fashionista in you is craving more?  You need: Fashion Apps!  I’m not just talking about the retail apps of your favourite stores here (Zara and ASOS, I love you). There’s a lot more out there to help a girl on her way to fashion fabulousness.  Here’s my pick of the 5 best fashion apps for when you need a little digital fashion fix…

Vogue Runway

Fashion apps: Vogue runway

So you don’t have a front row invite to your favourite fashion house’s show, but you NEED to know what they’re sending down the runway? Don’t stress. Vogue Runway is the ultimate fashion app that shows every single look released by each label, in high quality and in good time right after the shows. More recently with the pandemic they have uploaded the brands’ own marketing shots instead.

Vogue Runway app screenshot Gucci collection

Vogue Runway is by far the easiest way to spot upcoming trends each season. You can browse collections by season OR brand so it’s handy when trying to plan your seasonal wardrobe upgrades.  It’s also a brilliant archive! Collections go back 30 years so I’ve been able to use it to date some of the vintage pieces I’ve purchased, too. As fashion apps go, it’s right up there as one of my most used!

Download Here: iOS only


Fashion apps: Shopstyle

Shopstyle is a genius fashion app (and website) that acts like a personal shopper in your pocket.  It helps you to find EXACTLY what you want in the vast world of online clothes shopping – particularly if you’re being really specific.  Want a pair of high waisted, black and white stripe skinny trousers with fringing for less than £100?  Shopstyle’s probably got you, babe.  Shopstyle searches more brands and online retailers than you could dream of sifting through on your own, saving you a huge amount of time on your lunch breaks and giving you all the information you need – including size and stock options – right at your fingertips. Apart from your bank balance, what do you have to lose?!

Download Here: iOS//Android


Fashion Apps: Drest Fashion Game

Think gaming, but for fashionistas! From the editor of sadly defunct Porter magazine, Lucy Yeomans, Drest allows you to get your game on in style!  It’s the dress-up game for the digital generation, where playtime is stored in your phone rather than your closet! Accept styling challenges and receive points and money for your efforts to put towards bigger challenges. What’s more, you can make an avatar of yourself to style, and many major designers have joined, giving you access to cute little digital versions of their creations to try on!  

Even better, if you love your dress-up creation, you can buy it straight from the app!  You do have to pay for some of the features but there’s still plenty of gaming function without. That said, it’s very tempting when you can buy ‘fashion shoots’ with real life famous models!  Drest is the perfect distraction for train journeys, boring family gatherings or just when you’re fed up of being in joggers and need a moment of virtual glam!

Download Here: iOS//Android


Fashion Apps: Stylebook

To this day, I cannot understand why more people don’t know about this app.  It is my HOLY GRAIL of outfit planning.  

I first discovered Stylebook back in 2012 when I was looking for a way to plan outfits for my holiday.  This genius app allows you upload photos and store your entire closet into your phone, in neat little categories. Then use these to make outfit collages that you can also organise into groups (work outfits, date outfits etc).  There’s also a section for ‘Inspiration’, meaning you can add images of other people’s outfits/poses/makeup to complete your outfit to perfection. On top of all this there’s Packing lists so that you can add all the items you need to pack for a trip!  

Stylebook outfit planning screenshot

As fashion apps go, Stylebook is also one of the best for sustainability, too.  The ‘Style Stats’ section has space to fill in the cost of all your garments and to track how many times you wear each piece, giving you handy info like cost-per-wear and revealing which pieces you haven’t worn in over 6 months.  Ideal if you’re trying to do your bit and limit consumption of fast fashion (you can read my post on How to Avoid Fast Fashion Guilt here).

I won’t lie – it can be a little time consuming to upload your whole closet. Therefore I’d recommend doing a few items at a time – for example during ad breaks or when you’re putting away laundry.  You can also speed up the process by using screenshots of items from store websites whenever you buy anything new.  I cannot begin to tell you how useful this app is as a fashion blogger! When I’m planning the looks I want to share, or despair that ‘I’ve got nothing to wear!’ it comes to the rescue.  Well worth a download, I can guarantee you!

Download Here: iOS only

The Hunt

Fashion Apps: The Hunt website

Sadly not an actual ‘app’ any more, The Hunt is just-as-useful as a website that’s grown and grown since the app first launched in 2013. Ever seen an outfit that you loved on Pinterest or Instagram, but the wearer didn’t tag the brands? We’ve all been there, and it’s a veritable fashion nightmare!  You just KNOW that dream blazer/bag/heel/[insert covetable mystery item here] will Change Your Life but the owner cruelly wont reply to your pleading questions!  Before you know it, you’re lost down a fashion rabbit hole trying to find something similar that just isn’t quite right.   

Sound familiar?  If so, The Hunt is the fashion app for you! The Hunt allows users to share their hard-to-find wishlist, and the community helps one another to solve these fashion challenges.  If you’re feeling super helpful, you can share links to similar items you’ve seen that the struggling fashionista might like or prefer.  What better way to share your fashion obsession with others?!

Visit The Hunt here

That’s my pick of the best 5 fashion apps out there at the moment, but I’d love to hear if there are any you use and love too!  Leave me a comment below or drop me a DM here!


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