Pleated skirt with leather jacket

Oh, the joys! Spring has finally ‘sprung’.  At least, it has in the fashion world – not so much in the weather – but regardless this is very exciting for the fashion blogger species in general.

Because it means new season trends!

Of all the trends this Spring/Summer, the one I felt that I was least likely to adopt was pleats.  More specifically, pleated skirts.  The long, billowy skirt look has never really been my thing – conjuring up more of a hippy style than my usual sleek look, and somehow I found a lot of the styles on the market to be cut a little frumpily, and aimed at my nan’s generation.

However, as I started to browse new season offerings, I noticed myself being drawn to them and thought ‘Why not give them a go?’

Below are three looks that I styled to prove to myself – and hopefully to you – that they are worth trying and perhaps even adding to your wardrobe!

Italian Chic

Ok ok, ‘Italian Chic’ might not be an actual thing but to me, and my recent love affair with Versace (the brand, not the person – we’re not getting all Andrew Cunanan here…), it is.

This skirt has a rich and colourful, Versace-esque print and so the rest of the look needed to be unified in colour. Note ‘unified’ and not ‘plain’.  The leather jacket and knee high boots may be black, but they are certainly not boring.  I absolutely adore the stunning lace cutout details in the sleeves and breast of the jacket, with strips of leather cut and fashioned into a corset silhouette to give the whole ensemble a bolder, stronger feminine feel. I mixed gold and silver jewellery to tie in colours in the pattern.

diamond and emerald ring against pleated skirt

In this outfit, I felt like I could take on the world.

n.b. if anybody tells you not to mix blue and black (with the exception of true navy), tell them to bugger off.

Pleated skirt, Next
Lambs leather jacket, Versace Collection
Knee high boots, Dune
Necklace, worn as bracelet, ASOS
Diamond and emerald ring, Bespoke

Spring Fling

pink satin pleated skirt in a park

Beige is also totally in right now but let’s face it, it can be a little boring.  Cue: ice-cream pink pleated satin skirt with matching bag. Paired with some beige sock boots, a messy up-do and some springtime sunshine, it looks cute, sophisticated and relaxed at the same time!  Keeping other garments to a neutral tone allows your key piece to stand out.

Pro tip: if you live somewhere like Scotland, where the sunshine is very deceiving, wear cropped gym leggings or cycling shorts underneath your pleated skirts! (I hated the cycling short trend; in my opinion the best way to wear them is hidden under something more glam…)

pink satin pleated skirt in a park

Pleated skirt, Missguided
Beige blazer, ASOS
Sock boots, sold out but similar here
Crossbody saddle bag, Dune
Earrings, ASOS

Metallic Glam

metallic silver pleated skirt with black blazer

Don’t be afraid of metallics and sparkle at this time of year. They can look particularly unique and striking in the transition from winter to spring. Glitzy clothing is not just for Christmas! Again, the key here is to keep your other garments and accessories neutral, to avoid looking like you’ve rolled out of your bed and straight into a pool of glitter.

This look is perfect for a more formal event, and to go from day to evening effortlessly.  Choose an accessory or two that compliment your main metallic piece, and leave the rest alone.

silver sparkly statement earrings

Skirt, Debenhams
Jumper, M&S
Blazer, ASOS
Earrings, sold out but similar available on ASOS
Swarovski crystal and paste Medusa Greek chain belt, worn as necklace, vintage Versace

Which look is your favourite?  Will you embrace pleated skirts for yourself?  In my wardrobe, it’s certainly here to stay!


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