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tailored shorts

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, and for the last four days the UK has enjoyed temperatures that would not normally grace us with their balmy presence until at least mid-July. If ever. Currently, I’m sat writing this in my communal garden on a lounger, with prosecco in hand (which is admittedly making typing quite difficult) – all whilst soaking up the unfathomable 24 degree heat (that’s 75 Fahrenheit for those of you across the pond). 

For me, this signals an early start to the long awaited transition that is the winter-to-summer wardrobe overhaul.

I’ve bid a fond farewell to shelves of knitwear, several long winter coats and enough scarves to run the length of a football pitch, and brought out my spring-summer pieces from hiding. Admittedly, there isn’t a lot left – I had a mammoth clear out when I moved just over a year ago – and this got me thinking about what I ought to invest in for the warmer months ahead. 

If you’ve been to at Coachella this week (lucky you) then you’ll have already forayed into the spring/summer looks this year with abandon. I admire those girls who start planning and Pinteresting for this event in February; conjuring up insta-worthy outfits that cope with the desert heat, using little to no actual fabric. I’ve seen some truly inspiring looks this year made mostly out of stick-on gemstones, netting and lace – and to those wearing them, I salute you. 

I think however that for those of us staying at home, the change in temperature and rise in hemlines can often lead to some degree of apprehension. On the one hand, you may be in full on Panic Mode (‘I haven’t shaved my legs this month and I still haven’t emptied my holiday suitcase from last year!’ and on the other – perhaps you’re having a S/S fashion transition dilemma such as: ‘How do I actually wear playsuits again?’ 

Now, considering that this weather is likely to be short lived – at least until June – it’s probably not wise to go out and fill your closet with bikini tops, sarongs, hotpants and flip flops just yet. That’s just asking for rain. What then, is a good addition to your wardrobe that spans right through April to August?

Meet: Tailored Shorts. They’re very pleased to be of your acquaintance.

Tailored shorts are one of my favourite items for S/S because they’re so versatile. Not only that, they add a ‘dressed up’ feeling to every outfit whilst still being comfortable and cool. And if there’s a breeze, unlike with skirts, your undergarments remain safely covered.

I’ve created three super-easy looks to try with tailored shorts:

Look 1: Office Chic

tailored shorts workwear outfit

Work has always been one of my favourite places to dress up – after all, you spend half of your adult life there! Got a strict office dress code? You may need to check that shorts are allowed for women and if not, complain. Tailored shorts with matching blazers are a key staple for a woman’s summer wardrobe and frankly, I’m tired already with the outdated corporate excuses that dictate how we should all be dressing.  There’s nothing wrong with having your legs out and if someone thinks there is, they should get their arse out…of your workplace. 

Of course, you can also employ tights here if it would make you more comfortable.  Opt for neutral shades for the most versatility and as before, check out matching blazers for a well-finished look made easy.

Shirt, ASOS

Shorts, at ASOS

Heels, Christian Louboutin

Look 2: Rainy Day

black tailored shorts with patterned tights

So, the weather isn’t holding up quite so long as you’d hoped, and now it’s drizzling in a way that has you signing ‘drip drip drop little April showers’ from Bambi in your head. 

Never fear! Tailored shorts work excellently with tights, loose thin knits or oversized t-shirts for days when you want a little more skin cover.  Try patterned tights for an edgier look or go opaque to let the shorts do the talking.  

Cropped crochet sweater, By The Way at Revolve

Shorts, ASOS

Tights, H&M

Look 3 Going Out…side

pink tailored shorts with blazer outfit

There’s no easier transition from work to wine than with the tailored short. Throw on a blazer (or use the matching one you got when making your modern workwear stand earlier on), throw in some glitz and you’re sorted!

Blazer, ASOS

Shorts, Vesper

I hope you’re all enjoying the warm weather; let me know if you’ve been wearing or coveting shorts this season!


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