Beauty Review: Jerome Russell BStyled Volumising Range

Jerome Russell BStyled product range with flower

A couple of months ago, I received PR samples of some new hair styling products from the Jerome Russell BStyled range to try out. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I struggle with two main issues when it comes to my hair. Firstly, a lack of volume due to my locks being incredibly fine and second, constant oiliness.  Finding products that solve both issues, or at least don’t make them worse, is an eternal challenge. So when something new comes onto the market I’m always ready to put it to the test!

Lately I’ve been trying to make more conscious choices when it comes to beauty, so I was immediately pleased when I saw that the BStyled Range has the tagline ‘Style That Cares’.  The products are cruelty free, 100% vegan, sulfate and paraben free, and the bottles and labels are 100% recyclable!  This seemed like a very good start, but as with all products that I test, I like to try everything for at least 6-8 weeks before giving my verdict (you can read more about how I work with brands here) so that’s exactly what I’ve done with the BStyled Volumising range. Now, I can finally let you know the results!

The Products:

BStyled Blow Dry Balm

BStyled blow dry balm with flower

I’ve used a few blow dry balms and creams over the years in an effort to protect my locks from heat styling. One of the main issues I’ve found is that they create too much build-up, which can look like oiliness in fine hair.  The good news with the BStyled Blow Dry Balm is that you need very little, so this isn’t really an issue. I also found that my hair behaved better when I was trying to style it.  Simply apply to towel-dried roots and ends and style as required!

BStyled Root Boost Spray

BStyled Root Boost Spray with pink flower

For hair as limp as mine, a root-boosting product is essential if you want any sort of lasting volume.  There are loads on the market, and the formulas range drastically.  If you’ve ever used a root-boosting powder, you’ll be aware of their one major pitfall – stickiness!  Your style looks great for a few minutes but if your hair moves, the wind changes or – god forbid – you run your fingers through it, you can expect to be left with a sticky, stick-out mess that your hairbrush will inevitably get stuck in.  On the other hand, some spray formulas are just a little too gentle and don’t really do much at all.  The BStyled Root Boost Spray manages to strike a happy medium. It uses sea salt to add lasting texture to the roots without being too immoveable. Side note: it also smells nice!

BStyled Volumising Spray

BStyled Volumising Spray with pink orchid

More of an all-over volumiser than the root booster, the BStyled Volumising Spray is probably my favourite product of the range. It delivers texture to the roots and lengths whilst again being moveable and keeping hair soft, not sticky.  Massage it into the roots before styling for added lift.  I used this for a bouncy blow dry, and I’m pleased to say it lasted for the whole time I was sat in a windy beer garden.  Bonus points are awarded because the local wasps (who usually go for hairspray like they do jam) left it alone entirely.

n.b. if you have fine hair like me, you really don’t need more than a few sprays to do the job.  This spray is also designed to protect against heat and to add shine, so I think if you overdid it then it could potentially look a bit oily but I didn’t experience this with a smaller amount.

BStyled Thickening Mousse

BStyled Mousse with pink twigs

Like all of the products I’ve tested from the BStyled range, the Thickening Mousse has bond-building technology which helps to add body. As with root boosters, some mousses can be overly sticky which actually hinders styling. However this is one of the best I’ve come across for flexibility, and it’s certainly the best I’ve found at this price point! I prefer to use mousse if I’m curling my hair, as it tends to give a little more hold. I’m pleased to say this kept everything in place for ages, with no ‘crispy’ curl appearance – just softness and shine!

blonde wavy hair using Thickening Mousse
Volume-y Goodness

The Verdict:

As you can probably guess, I’m really impressed by this low-cost, high-ethics range.  Not only do the products do exactly what they say, they’re also kind to the planet.  If I had to pick one?  I’d probably go for the Volumising Spray, as it can be used for various styles and also works as a heat protectant. 

You can find the Jerome Russell BStyled volumising range, and other ranges, in store and online at Superdrug now.


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This post contains reviews on products that were kindly gifted to me.  All opinions are my own and products were given freely with no obligation to write a positive review. For more information on how I work with brands, check out my Partnerships Disclosure.

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