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It’s official: I’ve given in to loungewear – at least during quarantine.  What I saw before as an unnecessary medium between pyjamas and sportswear, I’m now longing for to help comfort me on long days between these four walls.  Not that I’ll be wearing it all the time – I’ve always believed that ‘dressing up’ can have a positive impact on your mood, and it really helps me to get dressed in something a little more formal to work from home.

But even a fashionista like me has had to admit that there’s never been a better time for comfort in your own home, so here’s a few of my loungewear picks that, as of publishing, are still available to be delivered to your door.  There’s something for every loosely-named ‘occasion’!

Still Stylish 

stylish loungewear skirt set

Want to be comfy without compromising on style? PrettyLittleThing’s knitted skirts and cardigans mimic current Spring Summer trends (think grandma cardi and satin midi slip skirt) perfectly.  They wouldn’t look out of place with a handful of layered necklaces either. Just skip the heels and opt for cute slippers instead.  Nobody needs sore feet right now. 

Knitted maxi cardigan Knitted midi skirt (matching items available): 

This Could Be Workout Gear 

Lounge loungewear workout set

Ok, so the only human you’re going to see today is the Amazon delivery guy and you want him to think you’re spending quarantine being productive, healthy and an all-round millennial over-achiever?  Loungewear that looks like gymwear is your answer, and this set is convincing enough in spite of having the word ‘LOUNGE’ emblazoned across it. For added effect take a kettlebell with you when you open the door, for an ‘oh you just interrupted my second workout of the day’ vibe. 

Loungewear Set

Tik-Tok Dance Friendly 

tik tok outfit lounge set

If, like the rest of the world’s population, you’ve lost countless hours of your life watching strangers perfect 15 second dance routines on your iPhone, why not join them?  It turns out that it’s a great workout (see aforementioned workout gear).  Most of the dances have an R&B vibe so this cropped hoodie and biker shorts combo will look spot on for trying to beat the NHS at Blinding Lights.  Go on, try it.  Just move any breakables first.

Pewter shorts and hoodie set

Zoom Meeting Appropriate 

smarter loungewear

So you’d forgotten you have an Important Conference Call in half an hour?  So what?!  Nobody will know in these deceptively dressy separates from ASOS.  If you really want to pull a blinder, sweep your hair into a tight bun, pop in some pearls and you’re ready for business as usual in these very unusual times.

Ruffle Neck Co-Ord

Perfect as PJs

pretty little thing logo pj set

My pick of all the loungewear – super soft thin jersey cotton with a high waist and loose fitting top that are perfect for going about your day and then slipping straight into bed in when you can’t be bothered to change into pyjamas at night.  I mean, who has the time?

Slogan Set

Not Coming Out

oversized teddy hoodie

For those days when it’s all too much (I hear you, and it’s OK if that’s most days), grab yourself some loungewear that acts similarly to a duvet and/or den.  Put it on, hood up, drawstring tightened and snuggle your worries away.

Oversized hoodie-dress selection

There you have it, six loungewear looks that will keep you comfy, on trend, looking productive and won’t get you fired.  Take your pick or take them all – and remember to stay safe and stay at home whilst you wear them. Why not check out my post on 15 things to do at home to keep you busy?

Take care lovelies!

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