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It’s a New Year and whether or not it’s also a New You, the world of fashion will inevitably evolve. What will fashion in 2021 look like in the middle of a pandemic, and more importantly, how much attention should you pay? Here’s 5 rules to live by if you want to be on the better side of fashion in 2021!

1. Thou Shalt Not Be a Trend Slave 

Girl wearing blazer over knit roll neck dress

I’m all for a good fashion show and love looking at the collections each season, but over the years I’ve become less influenced by the ‘it thing’ that everyone has to have.  For example:  The North Face Puffer Jacket.  Cute maybe, but am I sick of seeing them already?  Completely.  

Instead, I like to look through the runway reports and take note of which classic pieces are reappearing. (Pro Tip: Vogue Runway is a brilliant free app that shows every single collection of every single designer. It’s a fashion Godsend.) Particularly I like to notice of how they’ve been styled this year.  For example, blazers are pretty much always ‘in’, but this year we’re wearing them over roll-neck jumpers with sleeves popping out.  If you really love a new trend, look for pieces that have a subtle nod towards it whilst still edging on the side of classic. That way, you’ll get more wear out of it in the long term.

2. If there’s a sustainable option, go for that

Zara garment label stating recycled polyester

Fashion and sustainability are really having a tough time together the moment, with brands rushing to be ‘seen’ to do more than their competitors, and consumers left confused and guilty every time they shop (see my post on Beating Fast Fashion Guilt here).  Let’s be honest, fashion in 2021 isn’t going to suddenly be perfect. Brands are going to lag behind or make mistakes, and it’s ok if you still want something shiny and new once in a while – particularly after the limitations of last year!  

Doing your bit in 2021 might simply look like weighing up your options each time you shop.  If there’s a certain garment you’re after, can you look at versions from other brands who might have more of a commitment to the environment?  Could you spend a little more to get something that lasts a little longer?  Have you checked Depop or Poshmark to see if there’s a nearly-new one you could buy instead?  Little changes can add up to a big difference for the environment! 


3. Put your money where your morals are

If a brand is ‘found out’ for having less-than desirable ethics, stop giving them your money.  I announced last year that I would no longer be buying from Boohoo, nor any of the brands they own, until they can demonstrate fair, legal pay for the staff in their supplier factories.  I’m sadly still waiting, but also don’t feel like I’m missing out.  What about going a step further and asking more of your favourite labels? You might consider contacting them on social media or even writing to them if you feel there’s something they could do better.  You can learn more about ways to encourage brands to ‘up their game’ in my post here.

4. Re-fit your fashion in 2021!

seamstress altering fashion on a machine in 2021

Ready-to-Wear has been the norm for decades now, but the first shop I’m heading to once the pandemic is over will be the tailor’s.  You simply haven’t dressed your best until you’ve had clothing altered to fit you just right.  For a tiny sum, an off-the-hanger dress that looks ‘nice’ on you can make you look a billion dollars.  Don’t underestimate the difference that taking up a hemline by an inch can make, or how much better your waist will look once the darts are moved slightly on your favourite skirt.  You can find a good alterations shop by reading reviews on Google Maps or getting a recommendation from a well-dressed friend.

5. Break The Rules!

Not these rules, of course! I mean the usual plethora of fashion cliches. Old timers such as ‘no white after labor day’ and ‘red and green should never be seen’ are rubbish and do one thing only – limit the expression of your personality in the way you dress.  I LOVE white jeans in winter, and if I can actually fit into mine still after the pandemic, then I’ll be breaking this one again and again!

Are there any other fashion rules you’ll be making or breaking this year?  Leave me a comment below or drop me a DM to chat!


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  1. Brilliant advice. Im currently looking at my limited wardrobe and seeing what i can wear differently using accessories. Snd also altering fit better.

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