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Oh look! A fashion blogger has written a post about a camel coat! Shocker.

Yes alright, I know, I know… Go on Pinterest or Instagram and they’re practically everywhere. But there’s a good reason for their popularity with fashionistas, and that’s because: 

they go with bloody everything.

In fact, rather than give you ideas about how to style one, I could just say ‘go ahead and put it with whatever you like’ because chances are it will look fabulous. Jeans and a tee? Check. Boyfriend’s shirt and tailored shorts? Check. Just your underwear? You go girl ;).

But I’m not going to do that, am I? Because I love talking about clothes too much and – let’s face it – it wouldn’t make for much of a blog post, either.

Instead, I present to you one slightly different way to wear it – for a dressier occasion. You see, I’d say about 90% of the looks we’re used to seeing with camel coats are casual, or the dreaded and most confusing of dress codes, ‘smart casual’ – they’re not often paired with ‘going out’ or formalwear.  

Jimmy Choo Romy Lace heels

In this look, I chose a simple but dressy wool blend midi dress with a lace collar, the most beautiful lace heels (with a nude tone that isn’t dissimilar from the coat), and a purse-clutch in the same colour as the dress.  With a subtle smoky eye and a glamourous, undone curl in my hair (by undone I mean it was really curly about half an hour before this picture, and then sadly fell out…), the camel coat is really all that’s needed to finish things off. Perfect for a day – or early evening –  event such as a fancy meal, graduation or awards ceremony.

Here’s what I wore:

Camel Coat, Boohoo

Lace and knit dress, now sold out at Warehouse but here’s a similar one from Lipsy!

Romy Lace 100 pumps, Jimmy Choo

Convertible Wallet, Michael Kors

Maxmara camel coat

My camel (haha, imagine it was a real one) was an absolute steal from Boohoo, but have a look at some of my other favourite options in the shops just now.  There’s something for every budget – including the covetable classic MaxMara style that’s on my wishlist – below: 

Wool Coat, MaxMara

Skater Coat, ASOS Design

Slouch Coat, Topshop

Double Breasted Coat, Boohoo

Have you got a camel coat and, if so, what have you been wearing it with? Comment below or chat with me on social media using the links at the top of the page! 


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