It’s a bright, wintery Sunday and I’m wandering around Glasgow’s West End with my mum, discussing a spot of lunch and hoping for some vintage and charity shop bargains. I look glamorous and hell, I look fabulous! We’re certainly not heading anywhere fancy, but does that mean I’m going to be casual?

Not likely.

I’ve noticed on various occasions that the public seem to be divided on these sorts of days into three general categories of dress:

1. Those dressed very casually – jeans and a puffa coat are usually all you can see at this time of year, perhaps with a band tshirt poking out underneath – or a university hoodie. Totally practical, no criticism here.

2. Those in sports gear, fresh from a run or,  more likely, from brunch.

3. Those who couldn’t care less about the funny looks they receive because they’re dressed to the nines just to pick up a coffee and the newspaper.  They want to look glamorous whatever the occasion.

I am definitely one of these people.

You see, I love fashion. I have from a very young age (although not very very young – back when I was 7 all I was interested in was how I was going to become Lara Croft, roaming the tombs of Egypt and traversing the crumbling walls of pyramids – pistols, treasure and five first aid-kits in my backpack were much more desirable than clothing).  

However, I also work 9-5 in a very casual office environment, and spend most of my spare time in Dri-fit Lycra in the gym or in satin PJs , glass of wine in hand, at home.  My social life is somewhat limited by all of the above (and a creeping ‘I’m getting too old for this’ feeling’ that I suspect a lot of us are getting even if we’re not admitting it), and although I’m being invited to more and more events lately, I still don’t get quite as much opportunity as I’d like to wear all the fabulous clothing that I collect and covet in my wardrobe that make me feel and look glamorous. In this respect, I think a lot of us feel the same.  

Therefore any non-gym, non-work expedition counts as fair game to dress up, as far as I’m concerned. Hell, I’ve worn stilettos to Sainsbury’s, diamonds to the doctor and Versace to the vet. The alliteration is lovey, but I’m not making it up. I really have. 

And it makes me feel fabulous. 

girl looking glamorous drinking wine

Faux fur, magenta lips, a vintage diamond and sapphire ring (eBay, darling,) a beautiful mini-crossbody bag with full-on-sparkle earrings and I’m as happy as a pig in Prada.  Are we going to the opera? No. Do I feel amazing? Yes, especially after the glass of wine.  But seriously, but my point is this: Why not?!  Why save your best for one day or for a special occasion? Think about your diary – when is that actually going to be? 

Fashion is meant to make us feel fabulous. 

It exists so we can express our personality, show who we think we are and how we’re feeling, and to make us feel like the best version of ourselves; giving us the confidence to challenge that version and make it even better. It’s living art that’s made to be enjoyed – every single day.

So my question is, what about today?  Have a look through your closet, and notice any of the beautiful pieces that you keep hidden in there, hoping that one day you’ll have the perfect occasion to bring them out and let them see the light of day.  

Please, give it a try and make that occasion today. Look glamorous and feel fabulous whatever the occasion.

Faux-fur jacket, vintage at Glorious

Magenta crossbody bag, Dune

Sunglasses, Guess

Earrings, Liquorice Tree

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in ‘Damned’, Nars


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