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Baby, it’s cold outside. 

To be precise, it’s -6 degrees celcius outside currently, and it’s not set to get any warmer soon.

Cue: Woolly things.  

The problem is though, wool can sometimes seem a little bit, well…boring.  Jumpers, scarves, gloves are all necessities but – particularly in Scotland, where the weather is the same for approximately 9 months of the year – you need more choice and variety to see you looking stylish all the way through to June (when occasionally there’s an opportunity for short sleeves.)  Sometimes the faithful old jumper look just wont cut it occasion-wise; there are days when you want to look a little bit more put together whilst still being able to feel your extremities.

As I was looking through my wardrobe, I remembered the thick black wool kilt that I’d rescued from the sale last month, with some beautiful gold chain and button detail on the front.  I pulled it out, and eyed it up.  It eyed me right back, pleading with me to let it out on an adventure; promising me it would be nice and cosy.  

girl in snow with kilt and jumper

I tried it on, and with a plain ribbed wool jumper and tights, it looked chic.  Not tres chic, but chic nonetheless.  The pleading had worked, but I still needed a little something extra before I was taking it up on that adventure.

Cue: more woolly things. 

Ok, one more woolly thing to be exact – a pure wool beret, and some chunky gold jewellery to tie in those kilt chains.  Add in a pair of black and gold sunnies to ward off snow-blindness, and some simple black leather ankle boots (even I wasn’t risking a stiletto on that pavement), and I was good to go.  Sometimes it just takes a few accessories to elevate your look to the next level. Bonus points too for keeping my head warm.  Everyone’s mum will be pleased about that.

This kilt is incredibly versatile too.  Switch out the accessories to something brighter (say, hot pink) for a pop of colour, or add contrasting thigh-high boots (skip the tights) for something a little more fun.  Look for statement earrings, belt and boot buckles, embellishments on hats and gloves and chain bag straps for other ways of tying together any detail on your outfit.  Got a wool kilt or skirt without detailing?  Kilt pins can be found cheaply in thrift stores and online, or even make your own (just don’t stab yourself doing so).  Engulf the whole thing in a faux-fur coat and you’re as cosy as you are fabulous.

Wool kilt, The Kooples
Ribbed jumper, Marks and Spencer
Pure wool beret, ASOS
Gold medallion necklace, The Kooples
Sunglasses, Dior
Tights, Marks and Spencer
Ankle boots, at ASOS


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