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Social media doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of Instagram wellbeing accounts to help you live your best life! Take a look at these uplifting and educational pages that focus on health, wellness and happiness to give your feed a wholesome update!

1. @themindmedic

Dr Sarah Vohra – a consultant psychiatrist and author of a book of the same title shares methods to keep anxiety under control, ways to stay mentally safe on social media and ‘Tips of the Day’ posts that offer bitesize confidence boosts for everyone.  

2. @thebalancedblonde

Jordan Younger became seriously ill with Lyme disease in 2017, and has since improved her condition by learning to live as naturally and holistically as possible.  Check her out for nutritious plant-based recipes and dreamy travel photography from vacations with her fiancé 

3. @yoga_with_kassandra

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June 21st is going to be a very auspicious day! 🌟 It's a New Moon, the International Day of Yoga and the Summer Solstice! 😍 Now that packs quite a punch…⁠ ⁠▫️⁠ I'm re-opening the doors to the Art of Allowing and we begin on that very day of June 21st. 🙏⁠ ⁠▫️⁠ If you are feeling called to start (or resurrect) a self-care routine for personal growth… If you have dreams and plans circling around in your head that you want to pull the trigger on… If you are ready for big things but don't know where to begin – This is the perfect program to support you.⁠ ⁠▫️⁠ Come join our community of over 400 yogis from around the world for a special 31-day practice for true abundance. 💕 Setting intentions as a collective can offer you support throughout the month and amplify your vision.⁠ ⁠▫️⁠ While this program does include yogic practices such as asana, meditation and pranayama, the focus is truly on shadow work. 🧘You'll be called to dive deep and observe your mental patterns, behaviors and relationships.⁠ ⁠▫️⁠ I called this The Art of Allowing because more often than not settings intentions and moving towards our goals and dreams isn't about doing MORE. It's about shedding layers of resistance and mental road blocks that sabotage our progress.⁠ ⁠▫️⁠ Following the lunar cycle, this challenge is broken down into 4 weeks, one for each phase (New, Waxing, Full, and Waning).⁠ ⁠▫️⁠ Link is in my bio if you'd like to join and learn more 💖 Registration closes on the 22nd.

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Kassandra Reinhardt is my all-time favourite online yoga teacher; her relaxed style of teaching Yin classes means there’s no pressure to get into the ‘perfect’ pose. Check out her 30-day challenges as they’re sure to lead you to flexibility and calm in no time.

4. @joja

What started as a friendship between two supermodels has since become a super-inspiring Instagram account (and YouTube channel!) to help you stay in shape and have a laugh whilst you’re at it.  You might assume that Victoria’s Secret Angels would encourage nothing but salads and hours on the treadmill to get their bodies, but Josephine and Jasmine show that the reality is a lot more fun.

5. @emilyskyefit

One of the OG fitness influencers and now a mother of two, Aussie Emily shows realistic ways to stay in shape and hone a positive body image post-partum.  Plus, she used to follow me for a couple of years, so she’s especially cool…

6. @monavand

Reality-star-of-Shahs-of-Sunset turned Doctor-of-Pharmacy Mona has a passion for clean eating and sustainable skincare.  Follow her for endless tips and tricks on how to get glowing skin, and brilliant recipes for smoothies and juices.  She’s also got damn good style!

Do you follow any other Instagram wellbeing accounts that you would recommend? Why not check out my at-home self care post for more wellbeing ideas? Leave me a comment below or why not drop me a DM over on Instagram or on my dedicated wellness account Chani Lillian Wellbeing?!  Don’t forget to follow my faves!


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