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When it comes to beauty, wellbeing and self-care, I like to take an inside out approach for the most part.  Keeping your body fit and healthy through exercise, movement and rest – and feeding it the right foods – will always make the biggest difference to the way you look and feel.

But that’s not to say there aren’t products, tips and tricks to help you along the way.  Little things to boost your results, or to help you with the aforementioned exercise!  Below I’ve shared the 5 Amazon wellness & beauty products that over the last few years that have had the biggest impact on my wellbeing, beauty and most importantly how I feel about myself.  I hope they help you too!

1. MURLIEN Massage Roller, £6.99

murlien massage roller being used on leg

I initially purchased this as a cellulite improvement tool.  Whatever your shape or size, we can all struggle with the odd bit of ‘orange peel’ skin and normally I’d suggest the aforementioned outside-in approach as the best way to tackle it, should you wish to. However, in an effort to speed my results up a little in time for summer, I picked this up (the reviews were so overwhelmingly positive compared to a lot of products I’ve seen before, I had to give it a shot!)

The roller can be used on arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen and back, and feels really pleasant.  Due to the slight angle of the two rollers it lightly grabs the flesh in between as you roll, and aims to break up fatty tissue between the skin, fascia and the muscle.  I use this after my evening shower when I moisturise and it’s pretty relaxing, even though it’s firm (if you like a deep-tissue massage, it’s a familiar feeling).  After one use on my thighs, I immediately saw a difference!  Since then I’ve been using it every other day and now it’s a staple part of my evening routine.  I honestly can’t believe the difference this cheap little roller has made.  I’m assuming you have to keep going for the results to last, but that’s ok with me! For best results finish by rolling up towards the heart – it helps with circulation and lymphatic drainage.

beauty massage roller

It’s also brilliant for muscle soreness – had a tough one at the gym?  Massage roller. Bad day at work? Massage roller.  Bad week in general?  Massage roller and a few cocktails.  Keep it real…

2. Upright GO, £84.99

Upright Go Posture Tracker on back for wellness

One of the problems facing any self-conscious YouTuber (you can see my latest video here) is that you start to notice things about your appearance/voice/demeanour that you hadn’t before.  For me, the biggest shock was how terrible (I’m not exaggerating) my posture is!  I’m rivalling the hunchback of Notre-Dame for spinal curvature and my shoulders are so far forward it looks like a permanent shiver.  I can only imagine this has been caused by sitting at computers, starting at phones and muscle imbalances from training, but whatever the case, it’s not good.  Did you know posture can affect everything from your gut health to your mental health?!

In the past I’ve tried physical braces (not as scary as they sound – more like the straps of a backpack without the bag bit) but as they’re passive (i.e. you don’t have to notice or think about changing your posture when you wear them) your spine and neck tend to go straight back to where they were as soon as you stop.

Along comes the Upright Go.  A tiny, vibrating gadget that sticks to the back of your neck, connects to an app on your phone and monitors your posture throughout the day.  If you slouch, slump or stare at your phone too long then it gives you a gentle buzz to remind you to straighten up – gradually making you more aware of your posture and helping you to correct it – naturally!

I’ve got to say, this is one of the cleverest little things I’ve come across in the world of fitness gadgets!  I absolutely love it.  It can be tricky to remember to charge it and stick it on each morning (and take it off before you shower!) but the company suggest leaving it on your desk or in your bathroom until it becomes habit.  I’m definitely on my way to standing tall and have noticed less back and neck pain since I started using this – it’s a great invention!

3. BASE YOGA Yoga Blocks, £5.99 each

Girl with yoga blocks for wellness

Of course the other well-known method of improving posture is the ancient practice of yoga. For a couple of years now, I’ve embraced Yin yoga – a style that is slow, restorative and focuses on creating space in the joints, flexibility and relaxing the fascia attached to the muscles in the body.  It isn’t about balance or holding fancy poses, and it’s a brilliant antidote to the full-on cardio and functional workouts I do in the gym. 

Some of the poses however can take years to get into fully, and a good set of yoga blocks are ideal to help you work towards them. Rest your head, your chin, your hands or your elbows on them and turn them for various heights that you can gradually lower until you’ve eased into a pose.

marbled yoga blocks

These blocks from Base Yoga have a gorgeous marbled design and come in several colours to match your mat, your living room or your mood. They’re incredibly durable, wipe clean easily and 
look super cute too!

4. Shampoo Brush, £5.99

Scalp massage with shampoo brush for wellness

I have to admit: when I first saw an advert for this brush on Instagram, I did think it was a bit of a gimmick.  I mean, you can use your fingers to shampoo your hair after all, right?!

However, it kept cropping up so I decided to investigate.  Some reviews were claiming that the brush helped to create an even lather, others that it saved their nail varnish from chipping in the shower!  The most persuasive was the claim that it helped to remove tension headaches by massaging the scalp.  I was sold.

scalp shampoo brush

I can confirm it does all three very well.  The ergonomic silicone design fits perfectly in your hand, and the sensation is very relaxing – all whilst giving a thorough clean and lather for your hair.  I’ve also used this dry as a scalp massager and so long as you’re gentile, it’s divine.  A great addition to your shower if you fancy some foamy stress relief!

ANSELF Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha, £14.59

Rose Quartz facial beauty roller

Any skincare aficionado will have noticed jade rollers, Gua Sha’s, and various other facial tools appearing on the skincare scene over the past year.  It’s not without reason.  

Regular facial massage has long been known to improve skin tone, elasticity and firmness, along with stimulating blood flow and generally ‘lifting’ the skin when repeated regularly.  A jade roller and/or Gua Sha are ideal companions for your skincare routine, staying cool as you use them (even cooler if you keep them in the fridge like I do!) and you can find countless videos and guides on how to use them online for the best results.

I like to use mine in conjunction with a facial oil, and focus on my jawline and cheekbones for a sculpted look.  Don’t press too hard or go over one area too much or you might cause the opposite effect.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on these products either – experts say cheaper quartz alternatives to jade rollers work just as well so long as they are used correctly and kept cold.  This set comes in a beautiful gift box and is a steal at just under £15 – well worth it in my opinion!

What are your favourite Amazon wellness & beauty products?  Share them below or drop me a DM on Instagram with any questions you have!

Lots of love,

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